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2.0mm Fluorocarbon Soild Panel Is A Common Architectural Decoration Material

The 2.0mm fluorocarbon veneer is a common architectural decoration material, which is widely used in high-rise buildings such as external wall, beam column, balcony, canopy, airport, station, hospital, conference hall, opera house, sports stadium and reception hall.

So, how much is the price of a 2.0mm fluorocarbon aluminum veneer?

Introduction of the fluorocarbon aluminum veneer manufacturer, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer price = aluminum ingots price + development fee + processing fee + painting and spraying fee + packaging freight. In simple terms, basic molding costs + spraying costs + transportation. The price of ordinary 2.0 fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is about 240 yuan per square meter. If the quantity is large, the price can be reduced.

Procurement instructions;

1. The customized materials, specifications, thicknesses and process treatments are different due to different engineering demands. The accurate quotation shall be subject to the regular quotation of the company.

2. Online product prices, specifications and colors are for reference only. For details, please consult the product manager;

3. The quotation of our products is free of tax and freight. If you have any requirement, please note or call the product manager;

4. Payment process

5. As the product is affected by the aluminum price in the raw material market, the specific price depends on the aluminum raw material on the date of signing the contract.

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