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Aluminum Decorative Perforated Wall From Aluminum Building Material Supplier

Perforated aluminum sheet curtain wall used material is aluminum plate, this kind of materials not only performance is good, and durable, wear-resisting performance is good, service life can reach 20 years, this kind of perforated aluminum plate particularly strong plasticity, through a variety of techniques such as stamping, bending, surface, HaoFeng perforated aluminum sheet curtain wall decoration net practical stronger, with more in terms of exterior wall decoration and beautiful, and HaoFeng perforated aluminum sheet curtain wall has good fireproof and anti-corrosion effect, can say with outer walls in auto 4 s shops, hotels, shops, showrooms, exterior wall decoration fitting. In addition, the curtain wall network of perforated aluminum plates is relatively light, easy to install, easy to overhaul, and easy to shape external walls. Therefore, it is a wise choice to choose the curtain wall of perforated aluminum plates produced by haofeng. Meanwhile, the decoration effect is also obvious.

Perforated aluminum veneers are of various styles and have good decorative effects. The use of external walls can add more colors for buildings and attract more sights. Generally, enterprises' external walls and shopping malls will choose perforated aluminum veneers.

Perforated aluminum veneer pass can be customized according to the requirements, irregular pass can be processed, or aluminum plate can be used to carve hollow pattern, the style is very rich, covering most of the curtain wall places, such as building external walls, pillars, door heads, billboards, and so on.

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