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Aluminum Honeycomb Panels Are The Development Direction Of New Building Materials

It has been scientifically proven that honeycomb-shaped space structures made of hexagonal hexagonal bodies have been widely used in the fields of aviation, aerospace and other high-tech fields due to their characteristics of high strength, light weight, strong structural stability, heat insulation, sound insulation and high cost performance. . In the recent 20 years, with the continuous development of economy and technology, and based on the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, the honeycomb structure products are more used in the civil field. Deke aluminum industry using advanced European production technology and high-quality raw materials, combined with the actual construction and installation of domestic market, the development and production of aluminum honeycomb panels, stone honeycomb panels, stainless steel honeycomb panels, copper honeycomb panels, wood honeycomb panels, glass Honeycomb panels, fabric honeycomb panels and other series of honeycomb structure products, combined with different applications, different architectural styles and other requirements of multi-category honeycomb panel system.

Because the air between floor and floor is separated into many closed holes by the honeycomb, the propagation of heat and sound wave is greatly restricted. Compared with other curtain wall decorative materials, the aluminum honeycomb board has good heat insulation and heat insulation performance. Aluminum honeycomb plate is made of aluminum, surface, floor, core material are made of high strength aluminum alloy, is a green product, easy to recycle, is the future direction of the development of new building materials.

Aluminum honeycomb panel construction principle:

The design concept of aluminum honeycomb plate structure I-beam structure: the surface plate is equivalent to the beam flange, mainly to bear the normal stress; the middle layer of honeycomb beam is equivalent to the web, the main shear stress. The structure of the two panels of the aluminum honeycomb panel is large in height and has a large moment of inertia in the section so that it has good rigidity and large bending strength. The middle sandwich layer is bionic in a natural honeycomb structure with few materials but large shear strength and stability Good; the optimal combination of the watch board and the honeycomb middle layer makes the honeycomb board have the advantages of light weight, high strength and good rigidity. Dashboard and honeycomb select the appropriate, but also get good seismic, thermal insulation, noise and other properties.

Aluminum honeycomb panels on both sides of the panel for high-strength aluminum, the inner layer is a special hexagonal aluminum honeycomb, as the core plate attached to the sandwich structure, the pressure in the tangential, the mutual restraint of the dense honeycomb like many small words Beam, can be distributed to assume the pressure from the panel direction, so that the board force evenly, to ensure that the panel in a larger area can still maintain a high degree of flatness.


1, high sheet flatness

2, easy to install

3, plate light weight, high strength

4, can achieve large pieces of sheet metal

5, honeycomb core contribute to the insulation effect of the space

6, rich colors and finishes to choose from

7, excellent custom processing capacity to meet the individual needs of customers

8, high-quality materials and advanced processing technology to ensure long-lasting products

9, a variety of installation systems for different programs, and easy to install and routine maintenance