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Aluminum Perforated Metal Facade Panels For Decoration In Malaysia

Exterior wall decorative perforated plate - DIBO wall perforated aluminum plate fashion trend: with the continuous development of construction industry, decoration net was increasing type and style, DIBO is decorated perforation plate is one of the product, also many brand is new product, its design is very personality, fashion, in order to be able to keep up with the pace of The Times, has been on the way of innovation continuous improvement and progress, got a lot of construction company and brand automobile 4 s shop.

DIBO exterior decorating plate its installation is simple and convenient, in order not to affect these problems, for at the same time in the construction of the incomplete affect its integrity and aesthetics, we produce products in the factory direct forming, you just need to you give us the size of the outer wall, will we have a specialized technical personnel to issue a reasonable scheme for you. 

The perforated aluminum plate of DIBO exterior decoration, whether in its concave and convex appearance or decorative effect, is perfect in beating any decoration net product, thus making more consumers worth having. Its production process is very complex, the raw material is aluminum plate, the thickness is 2.0mm, the pass is 25*60mm diamond hole (honeycomb hole, hexagonal hole), the exterior size is 525*2000mm, 630*2400mm, 750*2500mm conventional molding specification, special size will be customized, the surface treatment is anodized, is the DIBO factory acceptance standard.

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