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Aluminum Solid Panel Tips - On The Installation Of Aluminum Solid Panel Gap Handling

Aluminum veneer installation may be due to different aluminum veneer process or manufacturer's production size error or process error, or the installation of the technical problems of workers may lead to aluminum veneer installed after a larger or smaller Slit, it is unsightly, small gap is better to deal with, generally directly with plastic, but the big gap is more difficult to deal with.

Not only the gap is installed aluminum veneer, aluminum buckle there are also gaps in the installation there is a problem that may be produced by the manufacturer keel and bar size of a few zero error caused by the zero, usually after the shipment The occurrence of such problems, more peace of mind that is a good manual installation of workers to install, and then fill the glass filled glass, if it is impossible to find the seller to communicate.

Slotting allows skilled construction workers to help you minimize the gap during installation and then assist in removing the seam with glue. Pay attention to the curing after glueing. Before the glue is not completely hardened, do not contaminate the aluminum plate with scratches and scratches. After the curtain wall is installed, remove the protective tape on the aluminum veneer layer by layer from top to bottom, Disassembly, rack should pay attention to protect the aluminum veneer, not bruises, scratches, and finally completed the curtain wall construction.