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What Is New Building Material ?

New building materials are a new generation of building materials based on traditional building materials. New building materials mainly include new building structural materials, new wall materials, thermal insulation materials, waterproof sealing materials, and decoration materials.

Now we come together to understand the world;s top ten new building materials.

1. Steam-free foam concrete block brick

2. Cement foam external wall insulation decoration integrated board

3. Cement foam lightweight composite partition board

4. Space board (roof, wall)

5. Waterproof composite stone floor

6. Beamless floor cement foam shell

7. Cement foam fire door core board

8. Fireproof color steel plate

9. Seismic structural steel

10. New type artificial wheat straw board

Therefore, the new material is a highly efficient, energy-saving, thin layer, heat-insulating, waterproof external protection integrated direction, more and more diverse, green environmental protection material.