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Factors Affecting The Peel Strength Of Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Effect of Adhesive on Peel Strength of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

        (1) Aluminum honeycomb panel made of polyurethane and epoxy resin room temperature curing adhesive has low adhesive strength. For the honeycomb panel whose honeycomb core length is 4mm, panel thickness is 1mm and total thickness is 10mm, 180 ° peel strength of about 4N / mm. This aluminum honeycomb panel adhesion, weatherability are poor, the use of adhesive properties after 1 year dropped significantly. Aluminum honeycomb panels made using this process are not suitable for outdoor use but can be used as decorative interior partitions.

(2) The adhesive strength of the aluminum honeycomb panel produced by the epoxy glue film technology is low, and the 180 ° peel strength measured by the honeycomb panel with a honeycomb core length of 4 mm, the panel thickness of 1 mm and the total thickness of 10 mm is 4N / mm or so, however, its adhesion

Good weather resistance, peel strength decreased slightly after 1 year. The disadvantage is the adhesive layer of aluminum honeycomb panels more brittle, long-term vibration aluminum honeycomb panels delamination.

(3) The bonding strength of the aluminum honeycomb panels produced by the continuous composite process of the thermoplastic film is 3-5 times that of the aluminum honeycomb panels produced by the first two kinds of processes, the side length of the regular hexagonal honeycomb core is 4mm, the panel thickness is 1mm, a total thickness of 10mm aluminum honeycomb panels, measured 180 ° peel strength value of about 18N / mm. Its adhesion, weatherability is good, the peel strength decreased slightly after 1 year. Because it is continuous production, high efficiency, to meet the short-term high-volume supply requirements. The disadvantage of this process is the use of flat surface continuous laminating machine equipment, high prices, huge investment. Thermoplastic film is a special hot-melt adhesive film, the film itself has a high cohesive strength and tensile strength, so that aluminum honeycomb panels to ensure a solid bond. If you use the general hot melt adhesive film, the adhesive strength is very low, 180 ° peel strength value of only 3N / mm.

2, the impact of the production process on the peel strength of aluminum honeycomb panels

The use of hot press production of aluminum honeycomb panels, due to the hot press pressure is more difficult to control, in order to prevent collapse of aluminum honeycomb core, often place pad. If the pad is high, it will affect the applied pressure, resulting in low bond strength. In the case of a planar thermal laminator, since the pressure is provided by the elastic force, the applied pressure can be controlled by adjusting the height. Therefore, the aluminum honeycomb panel produced by this process has a high bonding strength and is stable.

3, aluminum surface conditions on the aluminum honeycomb panel peel strength

Aluminum surfaces with oil, dirt and naturally occurring loose oxides can seriously affect the adhesion of aluminum honeycomb panels and must therefore be cleaned and pretreated. Aluminum surface can be phosphating treatment or chrome treatment, the aluminum surface to form a layer of close chemical conversion coating, the treated aluminum bonding effect.