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Fluorocarbon Aluminum Soild Panel Installation Method

Installation method of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer of sanword building materials:

  1. Clean the aluminum veneer against the indoor side and the column frame with cleaner

2. When aluminum veneer comes into play for assembly, first fix the aluminum veneer slightly on the keel, and then consolidate after adjustment

3. When installing aluminum veneer, it shall be installed on the wall according to the serial number of aluminum veneer

4. Aluminum veneer is connected with the keel by surrounding aluminum corner code and fixed on the keel

5. If it is built in seamless joint, holes can be made at corresponding positions on the keel, and then riveted with flat head aluminum broach; In the case of an external plywood, the aluminum veneer can be fixed by drilling into the keel through the aluminum Angle bar connection with the steel turnscrew

6. Aluminum veneers shall be installed from the front, large area and corner position, and shall be installed from top to bottom

7. Aluminum veneer and keel connection shall conform to the requirements of the drawing, and bolts shall not be seldom installed

8. The connection of the curtain wall Angle, surrounding wall and seal shall conform to the requirements of the drawing

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