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How Long Is The Service Life Of The Reinforced Building?

It is known to all that reinforcement and renovation of existing buildings with structural damage can extend their service life, but the extension of life is not unlimited, and it has a certain range. So, what is the service life after the reinforcement and renovation of existing buildings?

Let's first look at what's in the national code:

According to the general principles of civil building design (gb50352-2005), the design service life of buildings can be divided into four categories:

1. The service life of temporary building design is 5 years;

2. The service life of easily replaced structural components is 25 years;

3. The designed service life of ordinary buildings and structures is 50 years;

4. The service life of commemorative architecture and especially important architectural design is 100 years.

According to the code for reinforcement design of concrete structures (gb50367-2013), the service life of reinforcement design of concrete structures should be determined according to the following principles:

1. The service life after building reinforcement shall be jointly agreed by the owner and the design unit;

2. In general, it is advisable to consider it for 30 years; Upon expiration, the structure may continue to extend its service life if it is deemed to be working normally by the re-assessment of reliability;

3. The working status of structures and components reinforced with adhesive methods or with polymer should be checked regularly. The time interval for inspection can be determined by the design unit, but the previous inspection should not be later than 10 years.

It can be concluded from the above two provisions that the probation period of general buildings can be increased by 30 years after the reinforcement and renovation treatment and acceptance.

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