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How To Determine Aluminum Solid Panel Seam?

Curtain wall project with aluminum veneer design must follow the reasonable design, processing convenience, easy installation and other principles. The following is some common sense raised when designing.

First of all, take a look at the specifications of aluminum veneer, in the width direction: usually the aluminum veneer manufacturers of aluminum veneer raw materials into the plant, the commonly used width varies from plant to plant, mostly 1.5m to 2.4m and wider. Aluminum veneer width should give priority to 1.5m and below specifications, because this specification the lowest price, the shortest lead time. Excessive width of the sheet not only increases the price, but also increases the deformation capacity as the size increases, which may easily cause the surface deformation of the workpiece and instability after installation.

Length direction: Since the maximum length of bending equipment is 6m, it is not recommended to process the aluminum veneer workpiece with the length of 6m or more.

There is a gap between the aluminum veneer to determine the construction of the curtain wall can have a certain displacement of the main structure, so the curtain wall with aluminum veneer between the splice often use the seam processing. Aluminum veneer separated by the seams into separate plates, were installed. Slab treatment for the more cracks, plastic, Cypriot plastic and other forms. The layout of the slats is determined by the grid size.

Slit width depends on the visual effects, installation process, sealing requirements. Visually, the width of the panel should be the same as or close to the architectural style. Slab is too small easily lead to installation difficulties and the sealant due to insufficient stretching and tear; Slot is too large sealant dosage and easy foaming. At present, most common aluminum veneer glue joints between 8mm to 18mm.

Slot depth will generally be greater than the length of aluminum folding, but also to design a reasonable. Slit shallow to consider whether to meet the specifications of the minimum thickness of the plastic, whether the strip can be installed. Slab must consider the installation of the operating range of tools. Specific depth needs to be combined with the actual installation form, conditions to determine.

Second, leaving the aluminum veneer slab seams need to take into account the interference factors, the installation sequence and installation tools and processes.