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Sheet Metal Folding Arc Precautions

Arc processing: Arc processing can be divided into ordinary tool machining or arc machining (R-mode and round bar knife).

1. Ordinary knife folding arc

Choose 0.2R common upper mold and press lower mold to select the lower mold, calculate the arc length, calculate the arc according to the arc length and material thickness, and calculate the radius Bend the bending angle, then bend it. However, due to the formation of arc is the process of bending a few knives or even dozens of knives, so the size of the bending arc is limited by the tool.

General processing range:

1) forming 90 degree arc: more than R12 arc forming;

2) Forming arcs above 120 °: All R arcs larger than the tool limit can be machined.

2. Processing considerations

Select the tool according to the processing method may be, such as the choice of V slot width to be set according to the amount of feed. 5.R mold folding arc (round bar and arc knife folding arc).

According to the inherent R-axis tool forming arc R angle. In the choice of mold, if the shape is less than R12 arc, you can choose to process the size of the upper and lower mold forming. Due to the R mold is a standard mold, R size is limited, so processing arc size restrictions.

If the processing R is not within the standard mold specifications can be used to increase the R die peripheral feeding. If forming more than R12 arc also need to be divided into several knife forming, processing conditions and ordinary knife folding arc.

R mold folding arc has an advantage just to make up for the shortcomings of the ordinary knife folding arc, bending the appearance of smooth, good effect, able to process the appearance of demanding products.

3. Processing considerations

1) In the R mode folding arc, we must first pay attention to press the standard selection mode. However, in the processing of 90-degree arc, due to the rebound of the processing of sheet metal, so the mold is 90 degrees processing, processing 90 degrees of arc less than required, so in the process of processing need to push by hand to ensure Processing point of view. Therefore, under the premise of 88 degrees die, the processing of 90 degrees arc 88 degrees should be the preferred mode.

2) In the processing arc, are required to use testing fixture for testing, to ensure the appearance of the processing size.

3) processing technology corner arc, the general use of mold or manual processing.

4) With R mode (round bar and arc knife) folding arc to select the next V-groove width standard.

(1) bending 90 degree arc to select the width of V-groove: V> 2 (R + T);

(2) 135 degree arc bending Choose the width of the V-groove: V> 1.5 (R + T).