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Stone Ceiling Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Indoor Ceiling Construction Technology

With the gradual depletion of high-quality stone veins, a variety of different grass-roots composite stone continue to appear, one of the stone aluminum honeycomb panels, which has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good rigidity. The air layer between the stone aluminum honeycomb board and the floor is divided into many closed holes by the honeycomb, the propagation of heat and sound waves is greatly restricted. Compared with other ceiling decorative materials, the stone aluminum honeycomb board has better heat preservation, Insulation and impact resistance.

Indoor and outdoor large area using aluminum honeycomb ceiling stone key construction techniques:


1, keel installation

(1), the ceiling keel and boom with L50 × 5 galvanized steel, galvanized layer thickness ≥ 75μm. According to the keel structure of the map for processing and installation, according to the lofting baseline and the reference surface will be adjusted civil construction error.

(2) Determine the position and direction of the main and auxiliary keels according to the ceiling plan of each area. The distance between the hangers is 900-1 200mm. The spacing between the main and auxiliary keels is determined according to the size of the ceiling. Additional openings shall be provided for locations where access openings are required.

(3) The distance between the boom and the end of the main keel shall not exceed 300mm. Otherwise, a boom shall be added to prevent the main keel from falling down. When the boom meets the equipment, the lifting points shall be adjusted to ensure the quality of the ceiling.

(4), boom and steel beam or reserved steel plate and the keel and keel, keel and boom connection between the welding, welding first spot welding, after full welding, welding foot height 4 ~ 6mm, full of welding After antiseptic treatment.

(5) When the boom needs to be connected long, it must be lapped and welded evenly and evenly; when the boom length> 1.5m, anti-support should be set. Stone Research Society (WeChat stone5A)

(6) In order to minimize the influence of the deflection of the steel keel on the flatness of the ceiling decorative surface, the middle part of the keel should be arched, and the arch height should not be less than 1/200 of the short span of the room.

(7) After the installation of the keel of the ceiling, the steel keel will be checked and accepted by the lower string pull-through line. The steel keel with the local elevation error is too large. Adopting the support column in the middle of the steel keel, using the method of gas welding heating, Slight deformation, leveling error to 2mm range, in order to meet the surface of the grass-roots level of the requirements.

 2, pendant installation

(1) After the stone aluminum honeycomb board is shipped to the site, first review the processing dimensions of each board, and mainly check if the board size and thickness deviation are within the allowable range. If there is any deviation, the equipment should be returned to the factory for reprocessing.

(2) The pendant is a stainless steel pendant. It is divided into two types: "Z" and "一". The "Z" and "一" glyphs of the adjacent plates should be staggered. The thickness of the pendant is ≥4mm and the width is 40mm. The pendant is set on the back of the long side of the board. The number of the pendants is determined according to the length of the board. When the length of the board is ≤600mm, the number of the pendants is two. When the length of the board is between 600-1 000mm, the number of pendants is three; when the length of the board is between 1 000 and 1 500 mm, the number of pendants is four; when the length of the board is between 1 500 and 2 000 mm, the number of pendants is five.

(3), in the back of the stone aluminum honeycomb panel according to the pendant installation location drilling, punching position should be consistent with the hole on the pendant.

(4), epoxy resin injected into the hole, the use of rivet gun fixed stainless steel pendants, each pendant on not less than 2 pull rivets, pulling rivets diameter 4mm. The contact surface between the honeycomb aluminum plate and the stainless steel pendant is insulated with an insulating sheet to prevent electrochemical corrosion.

3, pipeline equipment installation

(1) The pipeline equipment should be well balanced in pipeline installation. According to the construction quality acceptance criteria, the geometry of the pipeline, the space within the suspended ceiling and the proper use of functions, the pipelines should be balanced and balanced to minimize pipe crossings Headroom requirements.

(2) Before the decorative panel is installed, the pipelines inside the suspended ceiling shall be installed and the installation of the equipment must be completed. After passing inspection, the pressure test and acceptance shall be qualified.

 4, ceiling installation

 (1) According to the layout drawing of each space, stone aluminum honeycomb panels equipped with stainless steel pendants are pre-arranged on the ground according to the serial number, and numbered in accordance with the requirements of the figure of outlines.

(2), stone aluminum honeycomb panels installed in accordance with the installation plan to avoid errors, to ensure smooth texture, color uniformity.

(3) Under the dragon skeleton which has been installed and concealed project acceptance, it shall be divided and hung according to the specifications of the panel. From the side of the ceiling to install a row of cover panels, as a benchmark, in accordance with the layout of the plate will be followed by the retreat block by block installation,

(4), the gap between the board 5mm. "Z" shaped pendant and ceiling keel fixed by self-tapping screws, each pendant on at least 2 self-tapping bolts and ceiling keel fixed, "a" shaped pendant ride on the ceiling has been completed, lap length ≥ 40mm5) Installation and benchmarking

(5), line review, including the vertical and horizontal horizontal position of the two levels and elevation, to ensure correct after the self-tapping bolts tighten the plate. Make sure the plate is straight, the slit width is consistent, and the seam has no visual difference.

(6) Ceiling plate installation, the stone honeycomb aluminum composite panels may not be placed on other materials to prevent the board from deformation.

(7) The suspended ceiling should be integrated with equipment such as lamps, smoke detectors, sprinkler heads and tuyeres on the panel so that the position is reasonable and aesthetically pleasing. The transfer to the veneer should be consistent and tight.

5, Slab sealant

(1), stone honeycomb aluminum composite panels installed after completion of a section of the area can be caulking work. Before the glue, the first to clean the debris around the plate, with a wire brush to clean the dust inside the stone gap.

(2) Before glueing, the special protective tape should be stuck on both sides of the seam to prevent the pollution of the stone. Fill in the gap foam stick, caulking depth to fit the seam thickness.

(3) Use the glue gun to inject the sealant uniformly into the seam in the same direction, and then immediately squeegee with a scraper to remove the tape. The thickness of the weather sealant should be 6 ~ 8mm. The glue surface is smooth and beautiful with no wrinkles.

(4), weathering sealant must be anti-fouling test with the stone composite panels to prevent pollution of the stone.

6, stone aluminum honeycomb panel quality control points:

(1), Stone aluminum honeycomb panels varieties, specifications, models should meet the design requirements, must have a factory certificate, warranty, performance inspection reports.

(2), Stone aluminum honeycomb panels should be no cracking, the front of the lack of missing corners, the explosion edge, the size of the allowable deviation, edging, etc. should be consistent with norms and standards.

(3), Stone aluminum honeycomb panels of the performance test indicators should be consistent with relevant standards.

(4) The grades and status of the steel used for the ceiling keel, its chemical composition, mechanical properties, the allowable deviation of the dimensions and so on shall meet the requirements of the state and industry standards.

Stone aluminum honeycomb panel ceiling application reflects the concept of environmental protection, the entire art gallery ceiling stone and indoor and outdoor wall dry hanging stone seamless, luxurious and full of the sense of the times.