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The Fraud Phenomenon Of Aluminum Solid Panel Industry

Aluminum veneer industry in the eyes of laymen is showing a spectacular spectacular. However, only industry insiders know that many problems in the vigorous development of the aluminum veneer industry, such as the fierce price war on aluminum veneer and the pitiful profits of enterprises, Among them, the biggest problem is that fraud is rampant. Some enterprises in order to get more orders, to maximize revenue, do not attach importance to the procurement process of raw materials, the use of some poor raw materials, reduce production costs, reduce the price of the product. This fraud will undermine the order of the aluminum veneer market, hinder the healthy development of the aluminum veneer industry.

Phenomenon one: raw material procurement process is not rigorous

Regular aluminum veneer companies in the procurement of raw materials, is to choose those high-quality aluminum alloy sheet, different types of aluminum alloy sheet, its performance is different from each other. Some aluminum veneer companies in the procurement of raw materials, want to save money on the purchase of aluminum alloy plate does not meet industry standards, or direct purchase of pure aluminum plate. What is more, some aluminum veneer companies directly use some non-compliance recycled aluminum, the chemical composition of these raw materials is extremely unstable, there is a big security risk.

Phenomenon two: choose inferior paint

As we all know, aluminum veneer products in the production process, there is a spraying process. This session involves choosing paint. High-quality paint, its chemical properties are very good, the paint film thickness, color and luster are very uniform, and the color effect is very good. Some companies choose inferior paint, even fake paint. These paints can seriously affect the quality of the aluminum veneer produced.

Three phenomena: cut corners

Some aluminum veneer companies there is the backward production equipment technology, the use of non-compliance abrasive, spray out of the film thickness is not enough, the purchase of too thin sheet jerrycans phenomenon, these will be the quality of aluminum veneer products and decorative effects Have an impact.