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  • Aluminum Special Shape Veneer for Building Decoration From Chinese Factory

    Contact NowAluminum Special Shape Veneer for Building Decoration From Chinese FactoryAluminum veneer/solid panel/plate is widely use in all kind of building construction because of it's excellent performance. Dibo brand aluminum veneer has the advantages of light-weight, high weather and wind resistance, easy installation, beautiful and various appearance at the same time is...Read More

  • Aluminum Decorative 3d Cladding Panel

    Contact NowAluminum Decorative 3d Cladding PanelAluminum 3d decorative cladding panel Material: aluminum alloy-1100h24, aluminum alloy-3003h14. Thickness: 3.0mm aluminum plates. Because with the soft characteristic and aluminum plates can make many different shapes which could make it to be a perfect building decorative material. We could...Read More

  • Aluminum ARC Shape Solid Panel for Building Facade

    Contact NowAluminum ARC Shape Solid Panel for Building FacadeFEATURES: 1,Light weight, high rigidity and strength 2,Good anti-weathering and anti-corrosiveness properties 3,Good processing quality, able to be processed into various complicated shapes such as plane , arc and spherical surface . 4,Wide selection of colors, good decoration effect 5,Easy to...Read More